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Tariffs increase notice on May 11, 2022

Pursuant to sections 49 and 51 of the Canada Marine Act a sixty (60) day notice is hereby given by the Saguenay Port Authority that the fees will be modified effective May 11, 2022. Bagotville Cruise wharf : 3.5% increase on berthage rates, passenger charges and water dues.

To see its publication on the newspaper of March 12, 2022, please follow the following link : Tariffs increase notice 2022.

Further information may be obtained by written request  to Saguenay Port Authority, 6600 Quai-Marcel-Dionne Road, La Baie (Quebec)  G7B 3N9, or electronically at info@portsaguenay.ca

The Port Authority is offering an opportunity to all interested parties to submit their comments in writing at the above-mentioned address.