Quebec Port Terminals is responsible for receiving, storing and handling all general cargo and dry bulk cargo. It has the closed and open storage areas required for transshipment of these products.

Grande-Anse Marine Terminal : (City of Saguenay) :
6700, Quai-Marcel-Dionne Road
La Baie (Quebec)  G7B 3N9
Phone:   (418) 544-7341
Fax:   (418) 544-2236
Manager: Mr Jean Savard
Email:  jsavard@qsl.com

Head Office:
961, Champlain Blvd.
Quebec (Quebec)  G1K 4J9
Phone:   (418) 529-6521
Fax:   (418) 522-2695
Email: info@qsl.com
Website: www.qsl.com


Fonbrai inc., a division of Somavrac Group, has two tanks at the Grande-Anse Marine Terminal for receiving, storing and distributing liquid pitch.

Grande-Anse Marine Terminal (City of Saguenay) :
6670, Quai-Marcel-Dionne Road
La Baie (Quebec)  G7B 3N9
Phone:     (418) 544-3377
Fax:  (418) 544-0866
Director of operations: Mr Guy Larose
Email: glarose@somavrac.com
Website:    www.groupesomavrac.com

Head Office:  Somavrac Group
3450, Gene-H.-Kruger Blvd, Suite 100
Trois-Rivières (Quebec)  G9A 5G1
Phone:       (819) 379-3311
Fax:   (819) 379-5584
Email: info@groupesomavrac.com
Website: www.groupesomavrac.com