The Saguenay Port Authority plans to offer its users new opportunities at the Grande-Anse marine terminal by extending the Marcel-Dionne wharf on the east side to provide transhipment possibilities with LO-LO and RO-RO vessels.  The improvements will start at the east end of the existing wharf along the shore, approximately 80 degrees from the current wharf line to the south.  The infrastructure will include areas at two different elevations to support the two types of transhipment mentioned above. Also, to provide a service that is not currently available, there will be an area for a permanent mooring of tugs.


Project Status

August 8, 2019 :             Project description

August 12, 2019 :           Publication of the notice in the newspaper Le Quotidien

September 19, 2019 :    Redaction Plan of the Environmental Impact Statement

September 21, 2019 :    Publication of  a notice in the newspaper Le Progrès

October 1, 2019 :            Publication of a notice in the newpaper Le Quotidien



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