The Saguenay Port Authority (SPA), in compliance with the Port Authorities Operations Regulations, is responsible for the compliance and enforcement of the Navigable Waters Protection Act, specifically with respect to waters under it jurisdiction.


Municipality of St-Fulgence

The Saguenay Port Authority (SPA) grants authorization for fishing activities in a well-defined area in the municipality of St-Fulgence, according to a memorandum of understanding between the SPA and the municipality, of a limited duration.


Municipality of St-Fulgence 
253, Saguenay Road
St-Fulgence (Quebec)  G7B 3M4
Phone: (418) 674-2588


Borough of La Baie

Ice fishing activity also takes place on the waters of the Baie des Ha! Ha!.  This sector is not under the jurisdiction of the SPA.  The City of Saguenay is responsible for this area.


Ice Fishing Association, Grande-Baie Sector
4845, Grande-Baie Sud Blvd.
La Baie (Quebec)  G7B 3P6
Phone: (418) 544-7667