The Saguenay Port Authority is aware of its responsibilities with respect to environmental protection, pollution prevention and sustainable development.  It intends to carry on its activities and operate its facilities in a way that minimizes any negative impacts and environmental risks that may be associated with them.

To this end, the Saguenay Port Authority undertakes to respect the principles of:

Environmental Compliance

The SPA ensures that its operations, facilities and activities, as well as those of its tenants, are in compliance with applicable provincial and/or municipal laws and regulations.

To this end, the SPA issues directives, implements processes and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable requirements, and creates monitoring and control programs to enable it to assess its own performance and that of its tenants in terms of environmental compliance. 


Environmental protection

By ensuring that its operations and those of its tenants are conducted in such a way as to prevent pollution, minimize negative impacts and environmental risks and protect the quality of the environment.


Sustainable development

By implementing processes enabling it to develop objectives and programs to promote the continuous improvement of its environmental performance in a spirit of sustainable development.


Environmental Management

By designing and implementing an environmental management system and ensuring that it is maintained by means and procedures designed to measure its environmental performance.



By passing this policy on to employees, tenants and the community to demonstrate the Saguenay Port Authority's commitment to the environment.