2019 Annual General Meeting of Saguenay Port Authority

June 22nd, 2020

The Port of Saguenay took advantage of its general meeting held virtually today to file its annual report and review the exceptional year that the Port Authority has experienced. In fact, the Port of Saguenay reached a new historic peak with its maritime operations in 2019. More than 645,200 tonnes of goods were transhipped, an increase of more than 276,000 tonnes with 2018.


This strong increase is explained in particular by the large volume of de-icing salt received, intended for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Côte-Nord regions, Greater Qukebec City and all the way to the Great Lakes area. In spite of this significant increase in tonnage, the number of ships berthing at the Grande-Anse facilities increased only slightly, for a total of 67 ships, 7 more than the previous year.


A strategic area for economic recovery
This significant growth is the result of rigorous and concerted planning since the relocation of activities from the Port of Chicoutimi to Grande-Anse in 1985. The creation of the industrial-port zone, adjacent to the Port, made it possible to realize this vision of offering a vast capacity and development potential to industrial projects.


"More than ever, with the new global economic context, the Port and its industrial-port zone will be called upon to play a key role in the Quebec economy. Our regional port is entering a pivotal moment in its development, while we will consolidate our strategic positioning in the coming years with the addition of critical infrastructures for attracting new customers, ”said Carl Laberge, President and CEO of Port of Saguenay.

"We are convinced that the Port must contribute to economic prosperity by living harmoniously with the population and its environment. It is a winning strategy that ensures the sustainability of our organization, "added Stéphane Bédard, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Port of Saguenay.


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